The most common problems of working at a desk are back pain and neck aches. It can be difficult to take a break from a desk job and stay active. Try to walk or stretch every five minutes. You can do some basic stretches, such as the child’s pose, which can help alleviate the effects of sitting for long periods. Moreover, you should try to eat a healthy diet. Keeping healthy food at your workstation is not only beneficial for your overall health but can also reduce the risk of developing a sedentary lifestyle.

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Stand up from time to time:

It is recommended that you stand up from time to time. If your office has an area to stand, you can stand up and stretch your muscles. Taking a walk or standing in your chair will also help reduce eye strain. It will also help relax your muscles and make your work more effective. Lastly, try to focus on farther away things and avoid looking directly at your screen. This will prevent eye strain and achy eyes.

Do some simple exercises:

While it is not always possible to quit your desk job, you can do some simple exercises to improve your health while working. You can use a stationary bicycle or take a walk to your colleague’s desk. Walking to their desk may be quicker and healthier than rushing to your cosiness. It can also make you happier if you can work longer. It’s all about taking care of your body.

Remember to stretch your muscles:

While working at your desk, it’s important to remember to stretch your muscles. Doing stretches can make your body active and help elongate muscles used less at your desk—using small stretches while working can also help you focus. These can be discreet and will help you stay alert and focused. This will help you work healthier and have fewer headaches. These are just a few of the many benefits of stretching while at your desk.

Taking breaks is important from work:

Even though it may be difficult to leave your desk for even five minutes, research has shown that this will boost your energy and improve your mood. Besides, walking helps you stretch your muscles and reorient your skeletal system. You’ll be more likely to stay focused for longer by doing these activities. So, it’s important to do some physical activity while you’re at your desk.