It is time that artists around the world strive to get the stigma removed from their profession that they don’t have a real job. However, with the help of digital trends, everyone can promote themselves in the best way. Some parents still discourage their kids from becoming an artist because they think it does not earn them bread and butter. But they need to understand that times have changed and it is possible to make money with art. But make sure that you read this article before you promote your art and follow the dos of it.

Share It Multiple Times

Some people become disheartened when they don’t get a response for sharing their art work and they stop sharing it. We suggest that you keep sharing your art work so that people never forget about your work and if someone they know needs a piece of art work, they will surely refer your work. It takes time but it will bring benefits sooner.

Share Old Art Work

We are talking about your old work that you have already posted. Sometimes, people like a post and they accidentally lose it in the stream of other posts and they don’t take the pain of finding it. That is why you need to reshare the old posts that have a lot of likes and comments on it. This will reappear on people’s timeline.

Always Mention Your Work

When a doctor feels proud of introducing their names with a doctor then you should proudly say that you are an artist. Moreover, you should call yourself a professional artist. It gives a sense to people that you have been painting for a long while and they automatically see your posts as a unique piece of art.

Help Other Artists

If you help other artists, they will always remember your tips and whenever they get an appreciation, may be one or two will mention your name. So, always help your community and you will soon become a senior artist who knows all.

Promote Other Artists

Any kind of marketing is good marketing and if you promote other artists, you can call in a favor to promote your work as well. This will be the win-win situation for all artists. This will also make a good basis for the community of artists for buying and selling art materials in Dubai.