If you want your kitchen to have an elegant, high-quality look, then you should choose a granite countertop and luxury kitchen furniture in Dubai. This material allows you to customize the look of your kitchen. For example, if you want to make chocolate, you can choose granite at the right temperature. This stone is also easy to clean and scratch-resistant. The cost of a granite slab can be quite high, so if you are on a tight budget, you can consider installing a tiled granite countertop. The cost of the tile is much cheaper and still offers the same unbeatable quality.

Use double oven:

Another great option for a luxury kitchen is a double oven. This is especially useful if you need to prepare different dishes simultaneously. A double oven can be a full-sized oven or smaller than standard-sized ovens. A luxury kitchen will have built-in storage space, but it can also feature pull-out shelves and cabinets. This allows you to keep out-of-sight items out of sight and is a convenient and efficient way to heat the entire area.

Add wine rack and sound:

You can also add a wine rack and a sound system to your kitchen if you have enough money. Even a coffee bar or speakers can make cooking a more enjoyable experience. It is possible to have a luxurious kitchen without spending much. A marble floor is a great choice if you want a modern luxury look. You can also have an island and double sinks to add more counter space.

The kitchen should be free from clutter:

All appliances should have their place and should be built-in or concealed. It would help if you also considered whether you want to add a TV. If so, you should avoid placing it too close to the stove. If you have space, you should install a large wall-mounted TV. Otherwise, it would be best to place a television on the opposite wall. If not, you can install a small TV on the wall.

A luxury kitchen must have clear and clean countertops:

It would help if you didn’t have clutter on the countertop. Your appliances should be hidden away in cabinets. You can install a second dishwasher, a rolling ladder to reach higher shelves, and an icemaker. A separate pantry can also contain a desk. It will eliminate the need for clutter on your kitchen surfaces. Incorporate a sink and a microwave, and you have a luxury kitchen. There is no need to hide everything, either.