A dog grooming in Dubai will offer a variety of services. A typical full groom includes a bath and brush, a stylized haircut, ear cleaning, paw pad cleanup, and nail trimming. Additional add-on services can be added for a nominal fee. Most companies offer an hourly rate for full grooming, but you can always choose to go for less. A sanitary shave can be added for a few dollars extra.

One: Dog grooming is a physical activity requiring the owner to lift the heavy dog and perform tasks that require strength and stamina. Many salons offer extended hours and even weekend services. You’ll also find that their hours are different from those at your local pet store. While this is convenient for some people, it may not be for everyone. A good groomer will also offer an hourly rate for more personalized service.

Two: A full dog grooming service will cover brushing, bathing, blow-drying, and hairstyling. This includes cutting and styling the coat to match your dog’s breed. It may also include defeating, cleaning the anal glands, and applying a special fragrance or bow to the dog’s hair. A full-service package is often priced at $65 or more. Adding additional services will cost an additional fee.

Three: Dog grooming includes bathing. It helps remove dirt and odor from a dog’s coat. It also includes a trim to prevent fleas and ticks. In addition, dogs need time outside to release energy, so it’s necessary to give them ample time to do so. After a full groom, they should be shampooed and brushed. The best groomers will include anti-tick shampoo and anti-flea shampoo.

Four: The services offered by a dog grooming service can range in price. A professional service will have a full range of prices and schedules. It’s also important to know if you need to bring your dog in regular grooming. Some salons are open 24 hours, while others are only open during specific hours. The process can vary greatly from one salon to the next, so be sure to check beforehand.

Five: A dog grooming service will provide shampoo and conditioning for your dog. The process may involve brushing and combing, but it also includes bathing, nail clipping, and de-fleeing. Some services include hair trimming and de-fleeing, all done according to your dog’s breed. It may also involve spraying a dog-friendly perfume or putting a bow in its hair.